Conroy Stonework - Products

We are passionate about traditional stonework and period stone features. We offer a comprehensive service of repair and restoration of old stonework using traditional stone masonry techniques such as hand dressing stone and the use of hydraulic lime mortar. Visit our website to see some of our


Looking to create some interest in your garden? We can design and install a variety of hard landscaping and stone garden features from patios and paving to raised beds, ornamental planters, rustic water features, barbecue areas and fire pits. Visit our website for some inspiration


Stone wall entrances and pillars are the perfect finishing touch to any property. We can work with either architect plans or with the client to create a bespoke design that will perfectly compliment the property. Visit our website to see our work and to get some inspiration


Although we use traditional stonework techniques to create bespoke feature stone fireplaces. We work either with architects or directly with clients on both traditional and modern interiors to add stone features that compliment their overall interior design


We believe stone cladding can add character and charm to any property. Houses can be clad in natural stone with a mortar joint or dry stone finish. View our portfolio on our website for some inspiration