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Organic, Pay Per Click, Paid SEO Ireland

8 months ago

Looking for an SEO Marketing Agency in Ireland

To manage your Online Marketing? If so, you've come to the right place. Websites 4u offers you a tailored SEO package to suit your needs. Whether you're a Sole Trader, SME or Larger Enterprise, we will drive more business in your direction.

No longer do you need an in-house Web Developer working on your web presence full time. Talk to us today about growing your business at a fraction of the cost with our My SEO Package.

What do I get with My SEO Package?

Together, we'll pick search terms people use to find your business such as “Gardner in Dublin”, “Dublin Electrical Services”, etc.

I will find your competitors to get you on top of their position in Google & Bing.

Some of your budget will go into Google Adwords & Facebook Ads.

Organic SEO

We'll write customized blog posts for you every 2 weeks specifically targeting your audience.

Submission to Google, My Business, Analytics & Webmaster Tools.

Allow customers to purchase your products & services online.

Increase customer interaction on your website.

We only use White Hat SEO techniques. Click here or more info.

Well also sell your products and services on vouchOff

At no extra cost.

We'll manage your products, prices, categories, customers and orders.

From time to time we can reward your customers with Loyalty Points, Discounts & Voucher Codes at certain times of the year such as Halloween, Black Friday or Christmas.

We'll also send regular ezines on your behalf.

My SEO Package costs €391 per month (Normally €691)

You pay on a month by month basis.

With no fixed contracts, you can stop anytime you want.

Get 3 months, save 5% or 6 month & save 10%.

Buy 12 months, get 2 months free.

Yes, I’m interested!

Great! Click here to contact our dedicated Web Development Team to discuss Your My SEO Package.


White Hat SEO V Black Hat SEO.

8 months ago

Can we take it you understand that SEO means getting you on top of Search Engines such as Google?

Great stuff! So why does SEO wear a hat?

White Hat SEO (Good) V Black Hat SEO (Bad)

Just think White "Good", Black "Bad". If a Web Design Agency can get you on top of Google organically in a short period of time, i.e. 1 day or 1 month they are using Black Hat Methods (By organic we mean not paying to get on top of Google using Pay Per Click or Google Adwords).

Black Hat SEO can get your website banned from Google forever

View Google's Quality Guidelines. We don't do Black Hat SEO. 

Some examples of Black Hat (Bad) SEO

Putting this on your page. "We offer Web Design, Website Developer in Dublin, Best Web Design Company in Ireland".

Purchasing Links to your website or creating lots of links from irrelevant sites to your site.

Text on your website the same colour as the background. E.g. white keyword text on a white background.

Lots of links on the footer "Web Design Lucan", "Web Designer Dublin", "Website Developer in Ireland".

And some White Hat (Good) SEO examples

Give each webpage on your website a clear Title & Description. The Title should be 55 characters or less. The Description should be 155 characters or less.

Clear and descriptive URL's such as Don't overuse "/" or end the url with .html or .php or "/". is bad. is also bad.

Posting Blogs about your business is a great way to help boost your SEO ranking.

Ask clients for a review.

Equally important is the length of the URL typically 3-5 words and no more than 100 characters. So is better than

Having a secure website. Using throughout your entire website is better than having

Remove the trailing slashes. Use without the last slash, not

For more info on White Hat SEO techniques, contact us today!