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Health Insurers Cover Reflexology


Did you know that many Irish Health Insurers cover reflexology treatments under certain plans?

Your therapist needs to be registered with a recognised institute of reflexology therapists. 

Clients of Authentic Reflexology can avail of this benefit once they have the correct level of health insurance cover. 

I have discovered that many people who have this cover are not aware of it and not availing of the fantastic opportunity to enhance their well-being through regular reflexology treatment and care. 

Maintenance of well-being is crucial to healthy survival when our lifestyle imposes many demands and pressures. 

Put your well-being, immunity and mental health first by booking your treatment today.

Check now to see if you have the health cover needed to claim back the investment costs of your reflexology treatment.


Reflexology My First Choice Therapy


There are a number of reasons why I chose to specialise in the therapy of Reflexology. Firstly it was my number one choice of therapy as a client before I ever got the idea to study it myself. I realised that reflexology was different to all the other therapies. The therapists (the most qualified ones) are usually very attuned to the bodies tension by detecting the tensions and imbalances in the feet.

I began to learn that the feet are a mirror of our whole selves. This intrigued me. I found that this method of relieving tension gave my body and mind the complete break that I needed to be able start anew, refreshed and lighter in my approach to life. I began to use relaxation to keep me balanced during stressful times and particularly when I needed to take new decisions and was unsure of my direction.

Eventually it just seemed so right that I would choose to study reflexology and use it as a profession. I am naturally suited to this role and my own particular journey of empowerment and transformation has taught me a lot about life and how I can help others by being supportive, encouraging and compassionate.

I love this work of therapy and have also combined the healing energies of Reiki in my spiritual practice along with the use of meditation and visualisation and art for guideance, relaxation, focus and healing.

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©Caroline Cunningham Therapist and Owner at Authentic Reflexology