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Galway Festival season kicking off

4 months ago

Galway city and its surrounds will soon be in full swing for what equates Galway with fun, frolicking and a fantastic time: the famous Galway festival season. There is probably even a fest dedicated to alliteration the city, such are the plethora of festivals dotted throughout the calendar year.There is something for everyone in glorious Galway. The Races, international Arts festival, Food festival, Cúirt International Festival of Literature, Comedy festivals, the list is huge!

The first reason for fun and more besides is almost upon us. Saint Patrick's Day on March 17th is celebrated from Down to Dingle and from Brisbane to Boston. The huge Irish diaspora will celebrate the national day in style. Parading is at the heart of this annual event, with bands, community organizations, floats and people of all persuasions celebrating all over this green planet of ours. From the massive New York city parade to tiny two-tractored extravaganzas and everything in between, millions will be out mixing and mingling, partaking and enjoying. Galway is no different, with thousands of people marching and walking up through the medieval streets on the day. It is just a fantastic experience for locals and visitors alike. Leprechauns, fairies and other Irish legends all venture out to celebrate Irishness.

Saint Patrick's ends and before you know it, the Cúirt International festival of Literature greets anyone walking from venue to venue in the town. Poets, dramatists, bards and readers all mix and mingle for the week. Competition and literary prowess abound within the city walls and without. Joyceans walk the streets in the fashion of the flâneur with copies of Ulysses at hand. maybe in search of their Molly Bloom who was based on Joyce's lover Nora Barnacle, a native Galwegian who captured his complex heart. This festival has a truly international feel to it, as do all of the events scattered throughout Galway's chaotic calendar. Theaters, pubs, restaurants and halls all have the greatest mix of literary characters. The writers are often as mysterious and enchanting as their character creations and plots. In fact, it all rather mirrors a John B. Keane short story for the April week.

The season is barely off the ground when other weekly events and fests roll in as Summer approaches. There is so much for everyone that this short piece cannot do it all justice.There is little doubt that the tourist is spoilt for choice. Galway is built for walking when an American gets off a tour bus. Its compact size ensures a walk will lead to something of interest. She will inevitably come across one of the many festivals taking place on an almost perpetual cycle.  This is due to the richness of choice and variety within the Galway scene. For even more detail visit our good friends at for more information and detail.